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  Text 4
  From: J.K. Simon
  To: Mr. Roger
  I’ve seen your advertisement in the magazine looking for manufacturing engineer who has an experience and willing to undergo extensive training. I would like to apply for the said position because I believe I am competent enough to handle the job. From my enclosed resume, I’ve handled a lot of academic projects and part time employment in line to programming languages.
  My analytical skills together with my communication and good job experiences could all go hand in hand for me to be suited to the said position. I am confident that I would be an asset to your company through my education and skills.
  I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me to meet you at the time favorable to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  Respectfully yours,
  J.K. Simons
  14. Why did the writer write this mail?
  A. To ask for help.
  B. To make a complaint.
  C. To pursue a job.
  D. To promote products.
  15. What do we know about Simon?
  A. He is good at foreign languages.
  B. He wants to be a trainer.
  C. He used to have a full-time job.
  D. He is quite confident.
  16. What job position does Mr. Roger most probably have?
  A. A real estate agent.
  B. Advisement designer.
  C. University.
  D. Human resource manager..
  Text 5
  Dear Mr. Chen,
  As the president, I am proud to announce that this Friday marks the 50th anniversary of long and successful company. This, of course, calls for a night of celebration. And for this reason, we have reserved the Grand Hall at the Garden Hotel this Friday at 6 p.m. for a night of fine dining and dancing.
  On this special evening, the food will be superb. I’ve had a chance to dine at the hotel several times in the past in other functions, and it was the food that convinced me to hold our event here. I am quite certain that all of our staff will share my feeling. Anyhow, I am looking forward to this Friday when all of our staff can let loose and have some fun.
  Therefore, this is a letter to officially invite you and your spouse or significant other to join us on this memorable evening.
  Please let us know if you can’t attend.
  Yours Sincerely,
  Jeff Connelly
  17. What is the main purpose of this letter?
  A. To provide information about the company’s product.
  B. To welcome the newest staff to the company.
  C. To notify the employees of a yearly meeting.
  D. To invite the staff to an upcoming event.
  18. Which of the following will be part of the event?
  A. Discussions.
  B. Dancing.
  C. Presentations.
  D. Product Release.
  19. According to Mr. Connelly, what led him to hold the event there?
  A. It has become a tradition of the company.
  B. The hotel is located close to the company.
  C. He has special ties with the hotel staff.
  D. He was impressed with its menu.
  Text 6
  With hundreds, even thousands of photo-editing apps available on smart-phones nowadays, a perfect selfie(自拍照) is only a few clicks and swipes away. But choosing the right app can be a headache for many. Here, to save some trouble and time, our company will offer a few popular and new ones for you.
  The first one is called Perfect 365, which can be operated on Android and IOS. It is free of charge and is useful for enhancing skin color, defining eyebrows and whitening teeth with tools dedicated to each of these aspects. United other image editing tools, it automatically recognizes your face and then lets you apply certain airbrushes to it.
  The second free one is called Visage Lab which can also be operated on the above two platforms. While some photo-editing apps perform partial face retouching, Visage Lab offers a full-package approach to image enhancement and high quality retouches. Also, it gives portraits a natural feel so nobody can tell they have been edited.
  The third one which also charges nothing is called Glamzy, being able to be operated on both Android and iOS. From subtle day looks to expressive night images at parties, this app offers more than 2,000 beauty products to get creative with. Just pick a face shape and pick a style-subtle, casual or expressive and then apply the makeup from the color catalogue.
  The last one is called Facetune. It can only be operated on iOS and you have to pay 18 Yuan to download it. “Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones,” says a comment by The New York Times.It’s able to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease. It also features options to reshape the face, such as reshaping the nose, redefining the jaw line.
  20. What category of writing does this passage belong to?
  A. Narration.
  B. Exposition.
  C. Description.
  D. Argumentation.
  21. What is the unique feature of Perfect 365 compared with the other three apps?
  A. It is free of charge.
  B. It can give the portraits a natural feel.
  C. It can reshape the face.
  D. It can automatically recognize the users’ face.
  22. What can we learn about these apps?
  A. They are all free of charge.
  B. They are sold at a low price.
  C. They can all be operated on Android and iOS.
  D. They can help users take beautiful pictures.
  23. What would be the best title for the passage?
  A. Selfie: A New Culture.
  B. New Apps for Selfies.
  C. How to Choose the Best App for Selfies.
  D. Reshaping the Face.
  Text 7
  Hardly a week goes by without some advance in technology that would have seemed incredible 50 years ago. And we can expect the rate of change to accelerate rather than slow down within our lifetime. The developments in technology are bound to have a dramatic effect on the future of work. By 2020, new technology will have revolutionized communications. People will be transmitting messages down telephone lines that previously would have been sent by post. Not only postmen but also clerks and secretaries will vanish in a paper-free society. All the routine tasks they perform will be carried on a tiny silicon chip so that they will be as obsolete(已废弃的)as the horse and cart after the invention of the motorcar. One change will make thousands, if not millions, redundant.
  Even people in traditional professions, where expert knowledge has been the key, are unlikely to escape the effects of new technology. Instead of going to a solicitor, you might go to a computer that is programmed with all the most up-to-date legal information. Doctors, too, will find that an electronic competitor will be able to carry out a much quicker and more accurate diagnosis and recommend more efficient courses oftreatment. In education, teachers will be largely replaced by teaching machines far more knowledgeable than any human being. Most learning will take place in the home via video conferencing. Children will still go to school though, until another place is created where they can make friends and develop social skills.
  24.According to the writer, the rate of change in technology_______________.
  A.will remain the same
  B.will slow down
  C.will speed up
  D.cannot be predicted
  25.The writer expects that by 2020 new technology will have revolutionized communications and _______________.
  A.people needn’ttelephone each other
  B.the present postal system will have disappeared
  C.people will no longer send letters
  D. the postmen will have no job.
  26.The word “they” (Line 6,Para. 1) refers to _______________.
  A. the tiny silicon chips
  B.the letter written on paper
  C. the postmen, clerks and secretaries
  D.the routine tasks performed by the postmen
  27.From the second paragraph, we can infer that _______________.
  A.professionals won’t be affected by new technology
  B. doctor won’t be as efficient an electronic competitor
  C. computers cannot replace lawyers
  D. experts will lose job in the future
  Text 8
  Dear Ms. Kowalski,
  I would like to introduce our newest math workbook series to you. As an elementary educator who uses books from Eduvantage Publishing, I think you will find this workbook series beneficial.
  Math Basics is a workbook series aimed at elementary school students in second, third, and fourth grade. The goal of the series is to reinforce the basic math concepts students will learn from regular classroom lessons. The series contains three workbooks at three different levels, all of which can be used as a supplement to regular classroom teaching and will strengthen the math skills and strategies students already possess.
  Each 250-page workbook in the series is divided into 10 topical chapters and provides brief, easy to-follow instructions for completing math problems. Each workbook also includes a wealth of practice exercises that students can use to sharpen their understanding of the featured concept. Additionally, each workbook comes with a teacher’s guide and a complete answer key.
  Workbook features include:
  Drills and practice exercises in basic math concepts
  Fun activities to reinforce key concepts
  A glossary of important math terms
  Colorful illustrations and diagrams to help demonstrate concepts
  Concepts taught throughout the series include:
  Addition and subtraction;
  Time and money;
  Graphing and geometry;
  Place values, fractions, and decimals; and
  Multiplication and division.
  Math Basics workbooks are currently priced at $7.99 each, with a significant discount for bulk orders. For more details on the workbook series or to place an order, please contact me at 554-7729.
  Lucile Duval
  Sales Associate
  Eduvantage Publishing
  28. The phrase “aimed at” in Paragraph 2, Line 1 of the letter is closest in meaning to _______________.
  A. hoped for B. focused on C. adjusted to D. designed for
  29. How many workbooks are in the series?
  A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five
  30. What does Ms. Duval indicate about the workbook?
  A. They are $10 each.
  B. They are 200-pages each.
  C. They each come with an answer key.
  D. They each include a practice test.
  31. What concept is NOT included in the workbook series?
  A. Algebra. B. Geometry. C. Division. D. Fractions.
  Text 9
  There are three kinds of goals: short-term, medium-range and long-term goals. Short-range goals are those that usually deal with current activities, which we can apply on a daily basis. Such goals can be achieved in a week or less, or two weeks, or possible months. It should be remembered that just as a building is no stronger than its foundation, our long-term goals cannot amount to very much without the achievement of solid short-term goals. Upon completing our short-term goals, we should date the occasion and then add new short-term goals that will build on those that have been completed.
  The intermediate goals build on the foundation of the short-range goals. They might deal with just one term of school or the entire school year, or they could even extend for several years. Any time you move a step at a time, you should never allow yourself to become discouraged or overwhelmed. As you complete each step, you will enforce the belief in your ability to grow and succeed. And as your list of completion dates grow, your motivation and desire will increase.
  Long-range goals may be related to our dreams of the future. They might cover five years or more. Life is not a static thing. We should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course of action.
  32. Our long-term goals mean a lot _______________
  A. if we complete our short-range goals
  B. if we cannot reach solid short-term goals
  C. if we write down the dates
  D. if we put forward some plans
  33. New short-term goals are building upon _______________.
  A. two years
  B. long-term goals
  C. current activities
  D. the goals that have been completed
  34. When we complete each step of our goals _______________.
  A. we will win final success
  B. we are overwhelmed
  C. we should build up confidence of success
  D. we should strong desire for setting new goals
  35. Once our goals are drawn up _______________.
  A. we should stick to them until we complete them
  B. we may change our goals as we have new ideas and opportunities
  C. we had better wait for the exciting news of success
  D. we have made great decision



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